hOURLUNCH Week 21… By the Numbers!

This week we surpassed $3,000 through our national website!  That is equivalent to 30,000 Meals!

Which means that in just 4 months we’ve raised enough money through the Donate NOW! button on to buy any of the following items (at least in 2005 when someone compiled this list):

  • 432 Rubber Chickens
  • 2000 Spam® It’s American decorative bracelets
  • 0.864 seconds of a War in Iraq
  • 2 Round Trip Tickets from Nome, Alaska, to Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 4011 Wind-up Chomping Teeth
  • 200 One-year Subscriptions to The Missouri Review
  • 0.00000000038% of the United States National debt
  • 2069 Large containers of Cool Whip® brand Whipped Topping at Wal-Mart
  • 260 Copies of Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver
  • 334 Adult Tickets to Herbie: Fully Loaded

But instead of 4011 Wind-up Chomping Teeth we chose as a community to feed 30,000 Children… and that is just through our national donation page!  Looking at the ticker at our current TOTAL is 38,066 Meals! 

How impactful is that?   Well it is startlingly close to double the capacity of the Moda Center (19,980): Moda Center For those interested, here is how I calculate $ to Meals:

Donations made through hOURLUNCH’s main remote donation page, is managed by our national partner, NoKidHungry.  For those donations I use their calculation of 100 meals for every $10.

Donations that come through our Oregon Food Bank link, or given to us Wednesdays at the table, is tallied using the Oregon Food Bank’s calculation of 30 meals for every $10. 

Two disparate conversions makes the math a little more frustrating, and I’d love to watch our impact skyrocket by using the 1:10 ratio for every dollar we receive.  But national and local organizations don’t have equal resources and partnerships.  For example the Oregon Food Bank can say with confidence they can turn $10 into 30 Meals.  Whereas their national parent organization, Feeding America, shares the same $10 to 100 Meals conversion that NoKidHungry uses.

I also believe that sticking to the two different conversions ultimately honors the integrity of our message at the table: So here is where we find ourselves on Week 21:

32,060 Meals from $3,980 nationally to NoKidHungry (and Feeding America)

6,006 Meals from $2,002 to the Oregon Food Bank

TOTALING 38,066 MEALS or $6,262 in just our first 4 MONTHS!!!!

Why did I think that a guy sitting at a table alone needed a national partnership?  Or a full blown website?  Would folks outside of Portland even care about this weird Portland thing?  Well crazier things have happened… The Rachael Ray Show … and we’ll get to all that next week!

Thanks for reading and for all your support!


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